Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Medicated Kids and BiPolar Diagnosis

In an age where there's immense distrust for the government and everything 'big' it's a bit surprising so many opt for the easy way out to control their kids. Rather than raising kids like we used to lazy parents seek out other solutions like drugs.

I guess it's not entirely surprising. So many people prefer the easy way out, and in a largely consumer oriented society the 'quick' and easy fix is best. What's easier than pills? Placate the will by stuffing pills down your kid's throat.

So many are misdiagnosed. Yes, the science is improving, but the astronomical increases in child diagnosis for things like bi-polar is incredibly high. It's time we reject the radical push by big drug companies and instead opt for more holistic approaches to raising kids.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Stupid Christians Continue Healthcare Debate

All the way to the Supreme Court too:

The Thomas More Law Center doesn't like the fact more Americans might get health insurance because in their minds Jesus would hate it if more people got better healthcare. It's of the devil to be poor and get health care access. (I'm being sarcastic.)

Seriously though Thomas More Law Center v. Barack Hussein Obama, seeks to determine
“If the Act [Obamacare] is understood to fall within Congress’s Commerce Clause authority, the federal government will have absolute and unfettered power to create complex regulatory schemes to fix every perceived problem imaginable and to do so by ordering private citizens to engage in affirmative acts, under penalty of law…”

That's fine and dandy, we get it, Republicans do'nt like big government. I don't really either, but I know that when it comes to health the private sector isn't providing healthcare to all, only those who can afford kt.

And lastly, don't ever, for a moment, equate all of this nationalistic pride with Christianity. The 'Kingdom' of God is not, unequivocally, connected with the Christianization of America and the rise of Republican governments.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Being Honest

I don't like Charlie Sheen.

No matter how hard he tries, there's going to be little good from his tirade. Also shame on the masses who keep a voice like his in the media. LEss demand, less Sheen.

PS. I guess we can't blame him, 2 1/2 men WAS a really popular show.... sick I know.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

ADHD & Bipolar

Diagnosis of, bipolar disorder, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder cases being diagnosed increase as treatments and knowledge improve. Some parents still overlook typical symptoms, especially in ADHD cases.

You can always exist on a spectrum

Although activity levels have largely decreased among children over the last 10 years, some children enjoy being active and engaging in a variety of activities in the home and at school.

However, certain warning signs have been released by the Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry to help parents detect ADHD symptoms early and to assist in providing treatment options before potential mental disorders become overbearing.

The symptoms include inability to pay attention, inability to sleep, lack of attention to detail, quickly or easily distracted, trouble completing simple tasks or assignments, talkative, and showing difficulty in playing quietly.

While these symptoms are not a completely diagnosis of any disorder, children showing more than three of the symptoms may have ADHD.

Other factors that may influence a child’s attitude and behavior include stress from family or school issues, or recent drastic lifestyle changes.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Learn about bipolar, pass go and pick up 200

Check it out, you can play a board game and learn too, only this time it's about bipolar disease.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Or no diagnosis at all.

I wonder how many are being misdiagnosed.....Or diagnosed late.

here's a fact. There was a time when you visited the doctor, got a prescription for your drugs, and went on your merry way.

You never questioned the doctor, what he said was golden.

Nowadays times have changed. As you wait in the ER, the doctor's office; as you listen to the diagnosis in the clinic, you can simultaneously google your ailment to learn more.

YOu can even get the opinions of communities online with similar condition to figure out what you're up against.

With all of this information patients are starting to do less 'nod and go' and more research on their own. We don't take what one doctor says at face value, we want to double and triple check, we do the due diligence. It is our health after all.

Now, let's not go overboard and be the patient nobody wnats, but there's nothing wrong with actively seeking second opinions and arming yourself with a pile of questions. It is healthcare aftera ll, not pill popping.....

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Peace through painting

For artists, sometimes an empty canvas can sort through the...

Turn on my favorite songs and paint, with no agenda, to later see the story that appears.

The stories always appear on what, were previously, empty screens.

Every time I paint, the canvas, once painted, reflects some ounce of some trace of some part of some story inside of the soul in me.

Before I start to paint, I looked and the canvas and I closed my eyes and I thought, "How do I feel"?

The finished piece reflects that fact that I KNOW that when I go into the clicks and sticks of the loneliest moments of this medical walk of mine....I KNOW that no person is there, but that Jesus is with me....

I have never painted a Cross until last night...and, last night, I finally painted the Cross...

I love soothing...

Internally, as scared as I am of the proceedures, I always envision Him being in there with me...

Holding my trembling body, my fearful hands and wiping my tears throughout the extent of the procedures, that is what happens in the hours behind the curtains where no other person ever sees me, except for Him.